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High School Challenge Program

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High School and Middle School Faculty

The Alfred State High School Challenge Program is designed to bring small, affordable, entertaining projects to high school and middle school students. The program creates inter-curricular activities for a total educational experience. We believe entertaining, interactive projects, built around science, math, English, engineering, and technology will help create a well-rounded student.

The program is divided into two sections and offers projects for:

  1. Middle School
  2. High School

You can decide which projects you would like to use for your students. How you choose to integrate science, math, English, engineering, and technology into the projects is up to you.

We look forward to working with you!

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with questions.


Craig Clark, Dean of the School of Applied Technology
Phone: 607-587-3102
Email: clarkcr@alfredstate.edu


Tom Murphy, Instructor, Building Trades
Phone: 607-587-4133
Email: murphytg@alfredstate.edu


Robert Bretzin, Assistant Professor, Computerized Design and Manufacturing
Phone: 607-587-3180
Email: bretzire@alfredstate.edu

Debra Burch, Associate Professor, Culinary Arts
Phone: 607-587-3119
Email: burchda@alfredstate.edu

Stephan Kielar, Instructor, Electrical Trades
Phone: 607-587-3191
Email: kielarsp@alfredstate.edu

Matt Lawrence, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology
Phone: 607-587-4652
Email: lawrenmj@alfredstate.edu

Steve Martinelli, Professor, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology
Phone: 607-587-4695
Email: martinsj@alfredstate.edu

Dan Noyes, Associate Professor, Electrical Trades
Phone: 607-587-3135
Email: noyesdb@alfredstate.edu

Jeff Stevens, Associate Professor & Chair, Electrical Trades
Phone: 607-587-3146
Email: stevenjs@alfredstate.edu

Brad Thompson, Assistant Professor, Electrical Trades
Phone: 607-587-3123
Email: thompsbj@alfredstate.edu

Karen Young, Associate Professor & Chair, Computerized Design and Manufacturing
Phone: 607-587-3127
Email: youngkk@alfredstate.edu

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