MEET - Senior Projects

Basic Utility Vehicle Competition

2007 Vehicle – 5th Place  The Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT), a not-for-profit public charity, sponsors the annual intercollegiate Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) Competition in Indianapolis. The competition is to facilitate the low-cost development of simple, appropriate vehicles for rural economies. After the competition, the student-made vehicles can be donated for use in developing countries. Seven vehicles including the Alfred State vehicle from 2005 have been donated. Alfred State College took first place in the eighth annual competition in 2008. In 2006 Alfred State College turned in an impressive third place showing April 29, 2006 at the sixth annual collegiate competition. Milwaukee School of Engineering took first and the University of Cincinnati took second. Each year the specifications are changed to meet a requirement from a different developing country.

2006 Vehicle – 3rd PlaceThe Alfred Team consists of 5-7 seniors who are developing their vehicle as part of the fulfillment of their required Senior Design Capstone Project. Students involved in the BUV competition form their team in late spring of their junior year and commence their design and build at the beginning of the senior year for the year long effort.

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