Mathematics and Physics - Facilities

The physics laboratories are well equipped with apparatus to facilitate learning by direct experience and to provide students with an opportunity to "discover" many principles on their own. The laboratory instructor is a member of the regular teaching staff and, in most cases, is the same instructor that the student has for the physics lecture session.

Facilities include a linear air track, lasers, air table, x-ray recorders, gamma spectrometers, oscilloscopes, precision electrical measuring devices, strobe lights, precision timers, and an 8-inch Cassegrain telescope, as well as a large collection of traditional physics apparatus, many of which are used directly by the students in their laboratory work. In addition, the Mathematics/Physics department has an extensive collection of audio visual materials.

There is a computer facility adjacent to the physics laboratories, with 10 computer terminals available for student use. Students are encouraged to use the computer for both laboratory data analysis and wherever appropriate application can be made to their lecture course.

Math and physics tutorials are available to students on the campus computer network and several math courses are taught using innovative computer software.