Electrical Trades - Facilities

The Electrical Trade's laboratories are well equipped with electrical test equipment. Students will facilitate your learning by direct hands-on applications of the theory, knowledge, and skills presented in lecture. In this program approximately 50 percent of each day is spent working hands-on in the laboratory.

The opportunity for real-life work experience is integrated into the program. Much of the hands-on electrical training provided in the freshman year consists of actual wiring projects off campus. The senior electrical students receive real-life experience working with the campus maintenance department, troubleshooting campus equipment, rewiring existing facilities, or designing and installing the electrical systems in new facilities. Seniors also will design and install automated projects in the lab incorporating relay logic, PLCs, pneumatics, hydraulics, and process control systems.

Computer technology has been integrated into all of the courses. The facilities for the Electrical Trades department have full wireless network capability for students with laptop computers having network cards. The classrooms are also fully wired with ports for the desktop computers provided and for student laptops without wireless capabilities.