Business Department - Facilities

The primary residence of the Business Department is on the second, third, and fourth floors of EJ Brown Hall. The department has full access to large, well-lit instructional classrooms and controls no less than three computer labs. Business students have a home and comfort zone. The department has an identity and area of pride.

The department has managed to continue working toward improving the classrooms in the building. New teaching equipment has been acquired and is employed by many faculty members in the classroom. Technology such as electronic Smart Boards, laptop computers, document cameras, Echo 360, Smart Teaching Stations, and PowerPoint presentations are utilized to add diversity to teaching techniques to enhance the teaching/learning process for both faculty and students and are available in most classrooms.

The court and realtime reporting laboratory is equipped with computer-aided translation equipment at every student workstation. All students receive hands-on instructions using computer-aided translation (CAT) equipment. This real-time translation skill enables the graduate to take advantage of closed-captioning employment opportunities.