PHYS 8013 - Modern Physics


(PHYS 2023 with "D" or better or PHYS 2044 with "D" or better or PHYS 2064 with "D" or better) and (MATH 2094 with "D" or better or MATH 2074 with "D" or better)

Course Attributes: 
Course attributes: Gen Ed - Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Science

This is a one-semester course designed primarily for BT/BS students, but can be taken by any students who meet the pre-requisites. This course is designed to provide students with information about the discoveries made, ideas and concepts advanced, and the knowledge gained in physics during the past hundred years. Topics include: relativity, corpuscular nature, matter waves, atomic physics, quantum mechanics, quantum theory or hydrogen, many-electron atoms, molecular structure, statistical mechanics, and properties of solids. Lecture/Laboratory. This course includes lab work covering the topics listed for this course.

Course Sections: