MEDR 4312 - Intro to HIM PPE


MEDR 3114 with grade C or better


A professional practical experience (PPE) that includes a combination of online laboratory projects/assignments and the completion of on-site hours in the health information management (HIM) department of a hospital (or other healthcare facility) with adequate facilities to provide varied work opportunities in HIM. Online laboratory HIM projects/assignments are evaluated by college faculty. On site at the hospital (or other healthcare facility), students will work under the supervision of a qualified Registered Health Information Administrator, Registered Health Information Technician or other qualified personnel to whom they are assigned. The PPE is designed to enable students to obtain actual work experience in theoretical and application-based procedures previously studied. Students will complete a maximum of 80 hours on site, which can be completed on a full-time basis (40 hours/week for two weeks) or on a part-time basis over an extended period of time (e.g., eight hours/week for 10 weeks).

Clinical Liability - $15 per semester