DSGN 2304 - Interior Design II


DSGN 2204 with C or better or CIAT 2204 with "C" or better


This advanced studio focuses on creating interior solutions with the tools of programming strategies, the development of conceptual ideas and the generation of design development drawings. Projects emphasize branding a client image through design of the interior architecture and selection of a representative FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) package. Students will focus on institutional, residential and retail projects that include intensive pre-design research, development of a concept statement, space-planning, assigning interior design elements, color scheme and finishes. Sustainable principles will be introduced with exercises designed to teach the student how to effectively evaluate the "greenness" of manufacturers and their products. Interior Design Studio II students will build upon knowledge and expand skills acquired in previous courses. In particular, improving project book organization and specification writing will be emphasized. The refinement of hand and computer generated drawing with advanced rendering techniques is expected by the end of the course. Advanced board design and material board techniques will be reinforced and professional presentation practices underscored.

Course Sections: