CTRP 3363 - Tech for Reporting/Captioning


CTRP 2274 with C or better


This course will complement the Computer Aided Transcription course (CTRP 3373) to the extent that information pertaining to the computers, hardware, software, maintenance, and upkeep will be enhanced. The material covered in this class for reporting students will relate to reporting technology, computer operating systems, realtime applications, realtime reporting in the captioning/CART environment, litigation support, videotaping, and information on related software packages used by judicial reporters. The material covered in this class for captioning students will relate to captioning technology, computer operating systems, online translations systems, care and maintenance of computer hardware data input device, basic setup and maintenance of broadcast captioner's equipment, broadcast news production preparation, prescripting, psychology of on-air captioning, verbatim vs. work substitutes, finger spelling, history of captioning, and information relating to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Course Sections: