CISY 8716 - Info Technology Internship


Students will complete supervised field work in a selected business, industry, government, or educational setting. Students carry out a planned program of educational experiences under direct supervision of an owner, manager, or supervisor of information technology in an organization. Each intern will be supervised by a member of the faculty. Written and oral reports and a journal of work experience activities will be required. Evaluation will be based on the quality of experiences gained from the internship. Students will be required to complete a series of four brief investigative or evaluative papers while completing the internship in areas such as career development, organizational structures, organized labor, business management, security, policies, and/or industry and market trends. Two papers will be completed in each of the 6 hour internships. This course, along with CISY 8706 , are a two-part alternative to CISY 8712. Students may not enroll in CISY 8712 and CISY 8706/8716.