SPCH - Speech

Alfred State courses are grouped into the following sections:

  • This course deals with preparing, presenting, and critiquing the basic speech types: reporting, demonstration, and argumentation. Special attention is given to collecting, selecting, and arranging of material; to presenting and delivering; and to active listening and critical evaluating. The course stresses principles of interpersonal communication and provides a basis for the understanding of speech through utilizing various media.

  • The student may contract for one to three credit hours of independent study through an arrangement with an instructor who agrees to direct such a study. The student must submit a plan acceptable to the instructor and the department chair. Writing is continued in assignments related to readings, class discussions, and lectures.

  • The class is designed to give students the opportunity to obtain the communications skills encountered throughout college and his or her personal and professional life. Special attention is given to the theory of organizational communication, basic communication skills, interpersonal communication, employer-employee relations, group communication, and presentational speaking.