PLSC - Political Science

Alfred State courses are grouped into the following sections:

  • This course provides an introduction to American government. Students will examine the basic framework and institutions of government, including the U.S. Constitution and branches of government. The development and historical growth of government will be discussed as well as the effect of government on diverse social groups. Emphasis will also be on national policies regarding the economy, foreign relations, natural resources, and various moral/ethical issues, including civil rights and individual liberties.

  • This course examines the dynamics of the nation-state and the interrelationship among states. Attention will be given to the position of the United States as a world power in the past, present and future. Topics will include the history of international relations; U.S. foreign policy and security challenges; the problems faced by less developed countries; international organizations; "globalization" and the dynamics of the world economy; and regional and national perspectives. An emphasis will be placed on current events and areas of conflict around the world.

  • This course allows students who have successfully completed a previous course in political science to continue study in that subject. A student may contract for one to four credit hours. Directed study may be contracted by a student only with the approval of the directing instructor and the department chairperson.