DSGN – Interior Design

Alfred State courses are grouped into the following sections:

  • This survey course examines the selection, specification, composition, manufacture, and application of finishes and materials in interior design and presents an overview of furniture construction, types, planning and selection.

  • This course is a fundamental course that investigates the properties and principles of basic color theory and its interrelationship with lighting. The focus is on the psychological and physiological effects of color and lighting as it applies to the form, texture, and finish of interior spaces. Course content provides a basic understanding of lighting calculations, types of lamps, appropriate use and application. General acoustic principles with an exploration of material application are introduced.

  • This studio course emphasizes the design process and space planning for modest size facilities.  The students will apply color rendering techniques to present interior design solutions.  Students will select appropriate materials for various spaces in accordance with accepted design standards.  Design issues such as furniture planning and layouts, application of color, and building code and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) considerations are included.

  • This survey course offers a critical overview of the history of interior design, its connection to different periods and cultures, and its integral relationship with architecture, stylistic movements and the decorative arts. Course content introduces students to major historical design periods from prehistoric civilizations to contemporary design. Lectures highlight period design, furniture styles, decorative objects, color palettes and their relevance to present-day interior design.

  • This advanced studio focuses on creating interior solutions with the tools of programming strategies, the development of conceptual ideas and the generation of design development drawings. Projects emphasize branding a client image through design of the interior architecture and selection of a representative FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) package. Students will focus on institutional, residential and retail projects that include intensive pre-design research, development of a concept statement, space-planning, assigning interior design elements, color scheme and finishes.