Dr. Gerald Fong

Professor, Physical and Life Sciences Department

“I love teaching at Alfred. I have the freedom and support to try anything which can transmit the living, breathing essence of ‘thinking like a chemist.’ All that matters is getting the ‘Aha, I see!’ look to appear on our students’ faces. It’s a kind of teacher’s heaven.

“Better yet, I have free reign to innovate with the ASCOT (Alfred State College of Technology) Instrumentation Lab. I’ve rebuilt this to give our students an edge. Part of this comes from the character of the Physical and Life Sciences Department. The people I work with have an esprit de corps and an informal ‘can-do’ attitude coupled with genuine affection and care for students that is a pleasure to be around. After 25 years in the academic and corporate work force, I’ve rarely worked with a better team. The professors here all know the students’ names, and the communication between both teacher and student and teacher to teacher is outstanding.

“This place is a gem.”

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