8 - Firearms, Ammunition, Knives and Dangerous Weapons

Violations that result in serious physical injury, or injury resulting from the use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, shall be considered offenses of sufficient gravity to warrant immediate suspension of a student prior to a hearing as outlined in the section titled “Interim Suspension” of the Administration of the Student Code of Conduct. When the College is notified of student misconduct in regard to disorderly/disruptive conduct or acts of violence (assault, sexual misconduct, bias-related crime) off campus, it may also choose to hold the student accountable through the disciplinary process.

8.1 a. Firearms, ammunition, knives, and dangerous weapons are not allowed at Alfred State at any time unless given written permission by the College president. This regulation is in compliance with NYS Law, covered under Article 265 of the Penal Law and regulations passed by the NYS Legislature, Firearms include, but are not limited to, any pistol, revolver, shotgun, or rifle. Knives and dangerous weapons include, but are not limited to , dart guns, electronic stun gun, gravity knife, switchblade knife, metal knuckle knife, cane sword, billy, blackjack, metal knuckles, chaka sticks, slingshots, and “Kung Fu Stars.” The College also prohibits the use or possession of archery bows or arrows on campus. No more than two pocket knives, (not exceeding a three-inch blade), are permitted; however, these pocket knives may be confiscated by authorities as deemed necessary.

Range of Sanctions: Disciplinary Probation to Disciplinary Expulsion

8.1 b. The College also considers air guns, paintball guns, B-B guns, and sling shots to be dangerous, and they are prohibited. This article is inclusive of all instruments banned under Article 265 of the NYS Penal Law. Offenders will be subject to campus disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution and liable to civil prosecution. In compliance with this law, University Police will not accept requests to safe-keep or hold firearms, ammunition, knives, or dangerous weapons belonging to any individuals, offices, or agencies of this institution.

Range of Sanctions: Disciplinary Probation to Disciplinary Suspension

8.1 c. A person 17 years of age and younger or persons who have been convicted of a felony or any assault in/outside of New York State are not permitted to possess or use self-defense spray devices. Section 265.20 (14) of the NYS Penal Law defines a self-defense spray device as a pocket-sized spray device that contains and releases a chemical or organic substance that, when directed at another person, is intended to produce temporary physical discomfort or disability against another person.

Range of Sanction: Disciplinary Probation to Disciplinary Suspension